M. Niermeijer (Matthijs)

E   m.niermeijer@pharosadvocaten.nl
T   06-53843322

I am a highly experienced real estate attorney and I’ve been a part of PHAROS advocaten since 1 January 2013. Before that, I worked at another legal service provider in the real estate sector (attorneys, notaries, and tax consultants) for a long time.

Over the years, I’ve specialised in the broad subject of real estate law, covering subjects such as rent law, construction law, project development, and acquisition and delivery of real estate, and I am a member of the Construction Law Association and the Association of Real Estate Attorneys. I have developed a particular expertise in the area of spatial planning and environmental law, which among other things includes litigation and consultation with regards to zoning plans, environmental permits, enforcement, and expropriation of real estate.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam, I attended the Grotius specialisation programme in Real Estate Law, and the specialisation programme Spatial Planning and Environmental Law at the Construction Law Institute. My practice operates with a combined interest in law and in entrepreneurship. I always ask how I can support businesses and other parties in their operations. This can involve crystal-clear consulting in the preliminary phases of a project or deal or drawing up a water-tight agreement, as well as sharp and focused litigations if a dispute does arise. This combination of legal consultation on the one hand and practical action on the other makes the job of a real estate attorney so interesting and challenging.