N.A. Luijten (Klaas)

E   k.luijten@pharosadvocaten.nl
T   06-20973939

“Purposeful with a good sense of relationships”

 I’ve been an attorney since 1993, virtually my entire professional life.

It has become more and more clear to me over the years that cases and clients are not always served best by a uniform approach.

I am attracted to both a strategic role in the background and in going head-to-head during preliminary injunction cases. Since these different roles require a wide range of different qualities, I am happy that I was able to follow a general lawyer training.

I’ve been involved in this office since 1 January 2011, the day that the firm changed its name to PHAROS advocaten. One of the prime reasons why I transferred to this firm was that PHAROS advocaten matched and still matches my idea of the modern attorney: a professional who is practical and flexible in both his services and in – for instance –pricing.

Over the years, I have developed a specialisation as a real estate attorney. In this sector, I represent both clients active in the development and acquisition of real estate such as construction companies, contractors, and developers, and clients who operate or finance existing real estate properties.

I have been conveying my experience in construction law as a teacher of law at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, at the postdoctoral programme of Business Administration Management and Entrepreneurship for Construction, Infrastructure and Engineering.

Sports are an important factor in my life. As an attorney, I often handle sport-related cases for athletes, associations, and sponsors, and I am a member of the Dutch Sports and Law association. I am furthermore a sports executive and – last but not least – I exercise and play sports as much as I can. Skating is a particular interest, especially outdoor skating. I skated the 200-kilometre Eleven Cities Tour twice and teach skating to young children as well. I have also played a lot of tennis throughout my life and climbed mountains cycling routes, and I will continue to do so, because sports are healthy for body and mind.


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– algemene praktijk
– vastgoedrecht
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