J.E. Mazel (Janine)
Of counsel

Janine Mazel

E   j.mazel@pharosadvocaten.nl
T   06-52332256

In 1991 I was sworn in and started working at a small specialized law firm in Utrecht. Since then I have worked as a lawyer in international commercial real estate. First at HVG Law for quite some time, then at AKD Amsterdam, where I was an (equity) partner in the national real estate practice for 7 years, and then I worked at Lauxtermann Advocaten in Amsterdam in the integrated construction and insurance practice.

Over the years I have specialized in (international) construction contract law and have acted for contractors, project developers, investors, tenants and landlords of industrial space and property owners.

As a lawyer, I have been involved several times as a construction contract manager in long-term construction and development projects. I specialize in drawing up complex construction contracts and advise and support in the design, preparation and implementation of various construction projects. I am particularly interested in FIDIC contracts with which I have a lot of experience. I also advise on the insurance law aspects of construction projects, both in drawing up construction contracts and in disputes about construction damage and liabilities.

I can switch quickly, I am to the point and a real deal maker.