Contracting can be learned

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Contracteren nut en noodzaak

I’ll be writing various blogs on the subject of contracting. After all, there’s a lot to say and write about this topic. That’s why there already are many books and so much legislation and case law covering it. I will confine myself to those aspects of contracting that are relevant to the everyday practice of a company and I will keep it brief and practical. After all, they’re blogs.

To give you an idea of which topics I will be covering, I have listed a (non-exhaustive) summary below:

• How is an agreement concluded?
• What do you need to do if things lead to a discussion?
• The need for clear contractual clauses and what to do if they are unclear or contradict each other for example?
• The need to indicate the order of precedence between the different contractual clauses.
• Terminating negotiations: what is and what is not allowed? And what are the consequences?
• Who is allowed to sign the agreement and what happens if the signatory is not authorised to represent the company?
• Which reservations (e. g. suspensive or resolutive) are often encountered in practice and what is their effect?

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